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Looking for a professional couple who can care for your home, pets, business or estate? We bring considerable skills and experience to all our endeavors. We have lived in big cities, small towns and rural areas here and abroad. Being longtime homeowners has given us core maintenance, landscaping and gardening skills.

We have successfully completed several pet- house-sitting assignments as well as 37 years of marriage. We recently published: At Home Abroad: Today's Expats Tell Their Stories

We prefer something long-term.

Our career skill sets include editing and writing, advanced computer skills, blog and website work, and business development and management. Betsy has spent most of her career as an editor-writer and more recently as a publisher. You can read more here and here. Mark works in the technology field with enterprise-class storage systems. In 2006 he started his company, Datawise Storage.

We have great personal and caretaker references who can confirm our reliability and expertise, and we are happy to supply further information. Normally we exchange several emails, sometimes Skype calls, and on occasion personal visits to make sure everyone is comfortable with the situation. For fun you might enjoy reading about our 1996-97 American adventure,, and some of our latest adventures at

If you need a competent and compassionate caretaking or house-sitting couple, please contact us.

Betsy & Mark Blondin
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