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license info: Master Madrid

Tantric therapy - with penetration - dedicated to men that are not the gay-life-style. (Best compatibility to straight, married and bisexual)

About me: I'm a professional therapist, offering discreetly excepcional session with sexual interaction with clients - to these who are ready to this kind of experience.

The penetration theme: I'm hundred percent 'bottom' - and if you want to take maximum benefit from this experience you must being 100% top (Definition: 100% top means that when you are masturbating you imagine how to you penetrate another man, and not the oposite that someone penetrates you!)

Note: Don't misunderstood the professional side of this kind of session- even speaking on such an intimacy - the therapy is based on various massage techniques and through guidance to build the authentic libido and passion inside your body teaching you how to channel it better.

The energy theme: Penetrating to during the session is a complementary side of this channeling; from + to 'minusֿ' and through it to bring it back to you as purified energy by my hands on your body.
In other words, our interaction serves you as filter to channeling and empower the attraction between masculine (your energy) to feminine (My energy) through it we transcend the consciousness and body state to higher one.

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